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Friday 17th November 2017

Children In Need

Each year, we raise money for Children In Need and so of course we did it again to help even more children! 

Everyone wore a yellow or spotty item of clothing with their uniform in return for a donation. 

There were also cake sales on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th to raise more funds for the charity. 

Enjoy looking through our creative outfits across the school for Children In Need.

Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th July 2017

Y6 Trip – Disneyland Paris

After a year of working extremely hard, Y6 enjoyed a few days away in Disneyland Paris. 

It was a long journey there travelling by coach and ferry to our hotel in Disneyland Paris, but despite spending a whole day travelling, they were still very excited for what the parks had to offer. 

On the first day they had an amazing time in the Disneyland Park and the second day was spent enjoying all the rides and shows in the Walt Disney Studios Park. 

It was a tiring few days with early mornings, tasty food, thrilling rides, entertaining shows and lots of happiness. 

It will be an experience they will remember forever! 

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Y6 Trip – ‘Running Wild’ at The Grand Theatre

What a marvellous day for Y6! The whole year group were offered a fantastic enrichment opportunity based around the novel ‘Running Wild’ (by Michael Morpurgo).  The day began with a very unusual workshop teaching us the skills of being a puppeteer!  During this workshop, Cameron and Abbas even got to join in with the fun on the stage.

After lunch, it was time for the performance.  The visual effects were out of this world!  Everyone absolutely loved the show; a few even shed a few tears.  To end an excellent day, the cast held a ‘Q&A’ session at the end where Y6 got to ask any burning questions.  Y6 behaved remarkably – as always – and represented Pinfold well throughout the whole day.

Friday 26th May 2017

Y6 Sports Morning 

What a hot day for sports activities! The children had a lovely time participating in serious and fun races.

They used a range of equipment from space hoppers to javelin to rubber rings!  

It was great to see so many parents watch and the day was made even better when some parents even joined in with some of the races!

We hope you enjoyed watching (and participating in) our sports morning!

December 2016

Y2 Pirate Day – Fabulous Finish!

During the autumn term, Y2 really enjoyed their topic of pirates.

They enjoyed their DT projects which involved, designing, making and evaluating castles

Please look at the ‘Showcase of Our Work’ page to see our wonderful castles.

To end their topic, they had a fun-filled day dressing up as pirates.

Look at some of the fabulous costumes!

Thank you to everyone who dressed up.  🙂 

Thursday 24th November 2016

Y6 Trip – Aston Villa stadium tour and skills workshop

Y6 travelled to Villa Park to practise their football skills and enjoy a tour around the stadium.  To begin the morning, the children enjoyed a skills workshop with one of the Aston Villa coaches.  After warming up and practising skills, they were split into teams to compete in a mini tournament.  The children were able to choose which country they wanted to represent and became really competitive when it came to scoring goals!  

Not long after lunchtime, they were lucky enough to experience a full stadium tour, where they even got to see the first team’s dressing rooms.  The children loved seeing the football pitch from different angles and heights.  To end the afternoon, they even got to run out of the tunnel with the music, just like Aston Villa’s first team.

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Andy Tooze visits Y2 and Y6

In the morning, Y2 were excited to take part in  a workshop with a talented poet, Andy Tooze.  

Y6 were then inspired by Andy’s poems in the afternoon and even wrote their own about our eco zone.

Andy is the author of one of our favourite poetry books, ‘The Poetry Bug’.  

He will be back again later in the year to work with other classes.

Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th October 2016

All the World’s a Stage 

Tuesday 18th October

9:30am KS1 Performance          2:00pm KS2 Performance

Wednesday 19th October

9:30am KS2 Performance          2:00pm KS1 Performance

Thursday 13th October 2016

Y6 Trip – Learning about forces and animals at Drayton Manor

Y6 thoroughly enjoyed themselves on their science trip to Drayton Manor Theme Park. Half of the day was spent in a workshop learning about forces on rollercoasters and the other half was split between the zoo and the rides.  They learnt about balancing forces, gravity, magnetism, kinetic energy, cogs and they even  got to create their own roller coaster loops using Kinnex.  During the workshop, they got to handle real magnets and cogs that were taken from rollercoasters at Drayton Manor.  Whilst visiting the zoo, they saw lots of different types of animals: reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and mammals.  They learnt and used new scientific vocabulary, such as: omnivore, carnivore, nocturnal, invertebrate and vertebrate.  Their fun fact of the day was that a panther is actually a black leopard!

Tuesday 13th September 2016

Roald Dahl Day – Dress up as a character from a Roald Dahl book!

In our second week back at school, we had fun celebrating the birthday of one of our favourite authors.  This year marks 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl and so lots of schools around the world are celebrating.

There were fantastic costumes by children and staff! Thank you to all those parents who put in so much effort into these wonderful creations.  As well as dressing up, we all enjoyed a range of reading activities based on Dahl’s books.