For English lessons, children are taught in mixed ability groups within their year group.

Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc. (RWI) is the phonics scheme that we follow at Pinfold. The aim of RWI is to get all children learning to read and write as quickly as possible.

RWI is started when the children are in Reception and the sounds are then incorporated into English lessons in KS1.

Key Stage 2

At Pinfold Street Primary School, children begin learning English through the Primary Framework units of work as soon as they have finished RWI in Key Stage One.

Children enjoy a variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Some examples include: stories with dilemmas, stories from other cultures, journalistic writing, film narrative and shape poetry.

Within their lessons children develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills through a variety of activities some of which include: drama, barrier games, hot seating, whole class shared reading, big writing lessons, ICT programmes and visual learning.

The English curriculum is also further enhanced through trips related to English units of work as well as through Irresistible Learning topics, such as: Out of Africa, The Victorians and Castles and Knights.

Parents are invited to English workshops to share and celebrate children’s work at the end of a English unit (this has included Year 3 and 4 so far).