This is a thematic approach to learning. A different topic is covered each term and these are chosen with the aim of making learning relevant, exciting and memorable.

The term always begins with a ‘stunning start’, then the inbetween has a ‘marvellous middle’ and the topic ends with a ‘fabulous finish’.

Pupils contribute to planning the learning journey and the activities cater for all learning styles.

Topics covered each term in Years 1 to 6.

Autumn Term 2016
Year 1 All About Me
Year 2 Sail the Seven Seas
Year 3 Here, There and Everywhere
Year 4 Nuts and Cuts
Year 5 Battles and Baking
Year 6 Einstein’s Young Marvellous Scientists


Spring Term 2017
Year 1 Spring has Sprung
Year 2 The Knight’s Quest
Year 3 Sands of Time
Year 4 Around the World in 80 days
Year 5 Planet Earth
Year 6 China


Summer Term 2017
Year 1 Secret Garden
Year 2 Nocturnal Animals

The World Around Us

Year 3 Meet the Flintstones
Year 4 The Rise of the Romans
Year 5 Eureka!
Year 6 Lights, Camera, Action!